Sustainable Construction

Create impact by doing.
Het doel van CO2-Compensatie


From nitrogen and CO2 reduction to the creation of a healthier indoor climate and improvement of biodiversity.



Depending on the wishes, from advice to project management.



Through experience with integrated thinking, and all in-house knowledge to arrive at a sustainable project.



Start here with you sustainable construction project!


What is sustainable building?

Modular construction:  In collaboration with various partners, Hedgehog Company has developed a new modular construction method. This method consists of wooden modules that arrive ready-to-use at the construction site and can be installed immediately. Our modular construction method ensures lower failure costs, a faster construction process, higher work efficiency and a circular building. These factors make this building process cheaper than conventional building.

Nitrogen-free construction: From our service we relieve our entrepreneurs of their nitrogen deposition calculation in a fast and expert way. Including a report and follow-up support.


The Hedgehog approach is based on the condition of being able to build in the immediate vicinity of a nitrogen-sensitive area. This leads to a fast and sustainable construction method based on a calculation of legal environmental standards with regard to nitrogen, CO2 and circularity within the plan area. These calculations then form the guideline for the construction plan and the development vision.