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corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD)

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Our service: CSRD compliance

Hedgehog Company supports organisations in compliance with the CSRD. We are specialised in sustainable data research, strategy-building and environmental compliance. We help your organisation with tailor-made service.

We can focus solely in supporting you with data research using our methods and modules. If you do not have a sustainability(-related) manager, don’t panic. We set up a management system and train your employees, so they adopt the system once they’re ready. That’s how you integrate sustainability. 

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Why the CSRD?

At the legislative level – in line with the EU Green Deal – major changes will take place for large organisations. The most important is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This legislation obliges you to report on your impact on people and the environment.

The CSRD will become mandatory from 2023 and will tighten the current NFRD (Non Financial Reporting Directive). The CSRD focuses on more extensive and in-depth sustainability reporting. Reporting climate-related information has advantages for a company, the EU has listed a few of them itself:

  • Greater awareness and understanding of climate risks and opportunities within the company, better risk management and more robust decision-making and strategic planning;
  • A more diverse investor base and potentially lower cost of capital, for example through inclusion in actively managed investment portfolios and indices with a focus on sustainability, or better credit ratings for bond issues and bank loans;
  • A constructive dialogue with stakeholders, especially investors and shareholders;
  • A better reputation of the company and the maintenance of social support (social license to operate; SLO).

For more information check the EU website.

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How we help with environmental compliance?

Large organisations have a huge impact. Increasingly, they need to comply with environmental legislation worldwide. From sustainable product design to extended producer responsibility. Product stewardship and the circular economy play a growing role in this.

Hedgehog Company has the knowledge and tools to support your organisation in this trend. For corporations, a better picture of the impact of the organisation on the environment is a growing requirement. From a Life Cycle Analysis to a complete GHG-protocol report. We work purposefully. We would be happy to talk to you to find out what your ambitions are and how the Hedgehog Company fits in. This is how we ensure that you achieve the right goal.

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Sustainability expert
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What we can do for your CSRD report

CSRD is coming In spring 2021, the European Commission presented its proposal for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. The CSRD is the reviewed and revised version of the Non-Financial Reporting

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