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A carbon footprint is an inventory of all greenhouse gases of the organization expressed in CO2.



During the kick-off, we collectively set up an action plan with clear targets.


iso 14064 & GHG protocol

Our CO2 footprint complies with international guidelines.



The start of a sustainable route!

NEW: free co2-dashboard

To help you calculate your carbon footprint, we offer a free carbon dashboard. This allows you to monitor your own scope 1 and scope 2 CO2 emissions until 2030.

Companies are important stakeholders in the climate debate. To know how and where to start as a company, calculating the CO2 footprint of your company can offer a solution. A carbon footprint indicates exactly which part causes the most environmental impact. This insight ensures that you can direct your sustainability strategy.

Carbon Footprint Hedgehog Company
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OUR CO2-footprint service

At Hedgehog Company we combine our in-house expertise with experience to calculate the emissions of your organisation, in order to create a clear overview: a CO2 footprint. We assist in setting up a system in which the collection and reporting of this data is integrated into business operations. This enables your company to gain insight into how much CO2 is emitted in what part of your business. This gives you the opportunity to take action on reducing and/or compensating!


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WHY make a co2 footprint?

Before you can reduce or compensate for your CO2 emission, a CO2 footprint has to be made. The CO2 footprint gives a clear picture of the direct emissions within the boundaries of your company. It, therefore, shows whether you use clean machines, burn a lot of gas, and how sustainable your supply chain is.

Saro Campisano
Chief Ghg-reporting

“My mission is ensuring sustainability becomes the norm. In such a way sustainability is measurable and understandable, so that companies can focus their sustainability strategy.”


A carbon footprint is a calculation of the company’s total greenhouse gas emissions over the past year. This CO2 emissions inventory creates an overview of the status quo of the contribution to climate change. Other environmental impacts such as water use, land use, or soil pollution are not taken into account.

The calculation and preparation of this CO2 footprint are based on the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064. These are the global standards for quantifying, monitoring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions.

Stappenplan CO2-Voetafdruk


The GHG reporting protocol applies to the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions at the company level. It is the common standard for reporting methods and many sustainability certifications, by looking into the direct (Scope 1) and indirect emissions (Scope 2 & 3). To properly understand the environmental impact of your company, companies and organisations must gain insight into their hotspots and take actions to reduce these emissions. Measuring, reporting, and reducing greenhouse gases is therefore becoming increasingly important. 


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