Create impact by doing.

“With an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary view, we make sustainability achievable, affordable and attractive for companies!”

Hedgehog Company - The Sustainability Entrepreneurs

Create impact by doing.

We at the Hedgehog Company use an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary approach to realize sustainability together with our partners. 

Our dot on the horizon is a climate neutral 2030. Not by making consultancy reports that end up in the drawer, but by creating a goal-oriented, achievable and affordable impact!

Our clients

van Iperen
Van der Werff groep CO2 LCA EPD
Groothuisbouw CO2 Stikstof LCA
Hegeman EPD LCA CO2

A selection of our projects:

Finish Profiles Group


With the Finish Profiles Group we realize a transition to a CO2-neutral business with our ROADMAP2030. With this large steel roof and profile sheet producer, we are well on track to operate CO2 neutral by 2030.

Energiehotel Ede

Build Sustainable

Together with the Noordereng Group, we have developed a low-nitrogen and modular construction process to be able to realize the Energy Hotel next to the Natura-2000 area in the Veluwe. In addition, we take care of the LCAs for the building materials in the building!

Tarcise Interieur

CO2 Reduction

Tarcise is a small interior design agency with relatively low CO2 emissions. Together with the team from Tarcise we have implemented a reduction plan and compensation. As a result, Tarcise is already net CO2-neutral! Now we are going to look together how we can create impact in the chain.

Carbon Calculator: E-Freight Forwarding

CO2 Footprint

E-Freight Forwarding is a specialist in air freight, we have developed a calculation tool for them for their web page. This gives their customers the opportunity to offset their packages. In addition, we help E-Freight Forwarding to operate CO2-neutrally itself.

Tools & Services

We offer various individual services or combine them with you into a ROADMAP2030: climate neutral in 2030.
Carbon Footprint Hedgehog Company

CO2 Footprint

A carbon footprint is a calculation of your company's total greenhouse gas emissions over the past year. ​

Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

With a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) the environmental impact of your product is calculated over the entire life cycle.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a declaration of the environmental impact of a product according to ISO 14025 standards.


Together with some of our customers, we commit ourselves to net 0 kg CO2 emissions by 2030! This group deserves a special place on our website.
Joost Life Cycle Assessment Hedgehog Company
Dimitra Witteveen Junior Sustainability Expert
Kim van Wijngaarden Junior Sustainability Expert

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