What causes climate change?

Every Hedgehogger has an ambition to tackle the causes of climate change. But what is actually causing climate change? We’ll take you on that today!

There are several causes for climate change. For example, a volcanic eruption or a meteorite impact can change the climate quickly. Think, for example, of the dinosaurs that became extinct as a result of a major environmental disaster caused by a meteorite impact.

The climate change that the earth is currently experiencing is due to the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases ensure that the heat is retained, causing the temperature on earth to rise. Without greenhouse gases it is cold, with many greenhouse gases hot. Man is the cause of this increase from the burning of fossil fuels since the industrial revolution! For example, CO2 has increased due to the combustion of fossil fuels and methane by agriculture.

Although the cause of climate change is completely different from the era of the dinosaurs, researchers do have similarities. The climate is also now changing at a very rapid time, faster than compared to other periods. Evolution cannot keep up with change, so species are now also becoming extinct. So the mission is clear, to stop climate change by making it more sustainable to save our dinosaurs of this era!