Product Life Cycle Assessments

Together with Trust International, we started their sustainable strategy in 2021. The most important part of initiating a sustainable strategy is identifying your status quo. For this we started with the environmental impact analysis of the Trust product portfolio. Together with Trust, we have decided to divide this enormous task into several smaller projects.

The product portfolio includes the majority of Trust’s environmental impact in scope 3, as well as in total emissions. Other organizations have identified scope 1 and scope 2 emissions. A large team from Trust brings everything together and published their very first impact report.

Download the report here.

Trust LCA project Hedgehog Company
2021 is Trust's start for a sustainable future​

The first analysis began in the summer of 2021. Hedgehog Company has conducted four product Life Cycle Assessments of Trust’s portfolio. These products: a computer mouse, keyboard, conference camera and a headset are an important part of the Trust portfolio.

We are currently conducting an additional set of six product life cycle assessments. With this combination of ten product LCAs, we have a clear picture of the total environmental impact of the Trust’s product portfolio.

We then work with the Trust International team to reduce the impact on the environment, starting with the low-hanging fruit. The first steps show that due to the current high demand for raw materials, more environmentally friendly alternatives to materials do not necessarily have to be more expensive!

In the coming years, we will continue to deepen the environmental analyzes and continuously improve the level of detail. In addition, Trust and Hedgehog Company will further define Trust’s environmental strategy in 2022 and operate carbon neutrally. Carbon reduction in this is primary, carbon compensation is secondary.