The warming climate of the Netherlands

We warm up, and quickly. The KNMI states that if we continue along the same lines, warming to the 1.5 degree limit will be reached in 2030 at the earliest. That’s in 9 years. This 1.5 degree is a kind of limit value about which science says that if this limit is exceeded, the consequences are very threatening.

Another 9 years until those threatening consequences, and that while the climate in the Netherlands has already changed. There is more extreme weather such as heat waves, heavy showers and fewer periods of frost. The Netherlands now has the same climate as that of northern France 25 years ago.

In addition, the Netherlands is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. This is due to the difference in warming between land and oceans. Above water, the extra heat caused by the increase in greenhouse gases is converted into extra evaporation of water, and not into warming. Water vapor is a greenhouse gas, which further increases the concentration of greenhouse gases that retain heat. This happens over land, and since the Netherlands has a lot of water and borders on the oceans, we warm up faster!

The global climate agreements that are now on the table will lead to 3 degrees of warming. So there has to be a little extra, for and by everyone. We have to work!