Tarcise Interior

A CO2 footprint as the basis for a number of reduction measures so that CO2 emissions are net zero in 2030!

CO2 footprint

Tarcise advises on all facets and can translate different wishes, ideas and preferences into a stylish and appropriate interior. If you are going to move into a new home, have a building built, or want to renovate an existing home.

This CO2 footprint forms the basis for a CO2
emission reduction plan and a CO2 compensation for the benchmark year 2019. The report starts with this CO2 footprint. This footprint was subsequently translated into a CO2 compensation carried out at the Fair Climate Fund. Finally, reduction measures are recommended that enable CO2-neutral operations by 2030, such as placing twenty solar poles on the roof of the showroom.

This report is part of Hedgehog Company’s ROADMAP2030. The aim of the ROADMAP2030 is a climate neutral business by 2030

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