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Sustainability for SMEs

For SMEs, support in sustainability often lags behind, according to the SME impact assessment Climate Agreement (2020). But that does not mean that an SME does not want to become more sustainable, it is just often difficult to start somewhere. To solve this obstacle, we would like to provide an overview of the various services with which Hedgehog Company can help SMEs with sustainability.

Getting started with sustainability

It is always about making the company more sustainable from the inside out. That is why we like to get to know your company before we start a service. Because sustainability should not become a burden, but the core of your company! In this way you are not only doing good for the planet, but you also gain a competitive edge because you position yourself in the market in a sustainable way. As an entrepreneur you are often looking for a goal-oriented, feasible and affordable way of increasing sustainability. And let those exactly be the core values of our company!


Do you know how much your company emits? A CO2 Footprint is a calculation of the total greenhouse gas emissions of your company in the past year. This is drawn up on the basis of the GHG protocol and ISO 14064.


Our CO2 reduction plans are characterized by an ambitious goal with a feasible plan and entrepreneurial support. We link investments to subsidies and spread these investments out over the coming years.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

With a Life Cycle analysis (LCA) the environmental impact of your product is calculated over the entire life cycle. It creates an overview of hotspots in your value chain that have a high environmental impact. This allows us to tackle these in a targeted manner!

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a declaration of the environmental impact of a product according to ISO 14025 standards. The EPD is an official summary of an LCA. This makes it easy for buyers to map out the environmental impact of various options.

Circulair Business Model Innovation

Circular business models take the circular economy as a starting point. This creates new ways of designing, purchasing, selling, using and discarding. A circular business model makes your company future-proof!
Are you an SME and looking for a way to become more sustainable? We are happy to help you.

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