Solar Park Koningspleij

A case study on how the Koningspleij solar park can be realized with electrical equipment.

Electrification Solar Park

The first calculations for the Koningspleij solar park were started in December 2020. Due to the proximity of the Natura 2000 area the Rhine Branches, the planning of the park came into question and it was decided to investigate an alternative method. The aim of this project is to explore the opportunities of the emission-free construction of solar parks with today’s machinery. ProfNRG has set the ambition to construct the Koningspleij solar park using electrical equipment. The construction of this solar park serves as a case study. The location is also extremely suitable for testing with electrical equipment, given the surrounding electricity infrastructure. The experiences during this project form the foundation of a blueprint for the emission-free construction of future solar parks.

Elektrificatie Zonnepark

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