Corona crisis

SMEs out of the corona crisis with the ROADMAP2030 in a sustainable way?!

A survey by ING released last week shows that larger SMEs are using the corona crisis for sustainable investments.

Although some of the companies survive on the reserves these days, there are also companies that have seized the opportunity to become more sustainable. Interestingly, companies have come to consider sustainability more important during the corona crisis. This compares with the same survey conducted before the crisis. They say that as a cause of the corona crisis, entrepreneurs experience the consequences of a crisis. This means that the dangers of a climate crisis are no longer seen as far away.

The launch of our latest services therefore seems to be at the right time. The ING study also highlights the economic benefits of increasing sustainability; priority on orders, better business model and higher margin. Making it more sustainable ensures that you can distinguish yourself as a company and thus guarantee the continuity of your company!