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our SME service

We support SMEs on a personal basis in their journey to a sustainable and climate neutral business. Our services vary from ‘large’ to ‘small’: a ‘quick’ benchmark environmental impact calculation to a complete unburdening towards a climate neutral 2030 – and everything in between.

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why SME?

SMEs are the engine of our economy. Making this engine more sustainable is of crucial importance. There are also three inherent advantages to SMEs in the context of sustainability. Firstly, SMEs are often already quite socially responsible entrepreneurs. For example, they are more likely to sponsor the local football club and they are a lot more involved with their staff. Second, waste simply costs money and SMEs often have an efficient business model with ingenious ideas. Efficient use of energy and materials goes hand in hand with a lower impact on the environment. 

Finally, SMEs also have more effective business operations. There are fewer layers of decision-making and if the owner says we’re going for it, then we do. This applies both to initiating a sustainability process and to taking action later in the process regarding successful implementation.

how can we help you?

Identifying the environmental impact of SMEs is a crucial point in making our economy more sustainable. SMEs can themselves, with the help we give them, make enormous successes in making their business operations and product range more sustainable.

Philip Kuipers
founder Hedgehog