Create impact by doing.


Different sectors need different attention. Please choose appropriate below. Or get into contact with one of our team members directly!


We support SMEs on a personal basis in their journey to a sustainable and climate neutral business.


We help large organizations map their direct and indirect emissions and can assist in setting up a system in which the collection and reporting of this data is integrated into business operations.

Financial Institutions

Hedgehog Company works with fund managers and portfolio managers to systematically build and map sustainability-related data within their portfolio.

Create impact by doing.

We at the Hedgehog Company use an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary approach to realize sustainability together with our partners. Our dot on the horizon is a climate neutral 2030. Not by making consultancy reports that end up in the drawer, but by creating a goal-oriented, achievable and affordable impact!

“With an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary view, we make sustainability achievable, affordable and attractive for companies!”

Hedgehog Company - The Sustainability Entrepreneurs


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