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Together with our customers who commit to our ROADMAP2030, we aim for net 0 kg CO2 in 2030! This ROADMAP2030 consists of three steps: Measure, Plan and Implement. We provide a nice report and communication material.

Why 2030?

If we continue along the same lines, according to KNMI research, we will already reach global warming of 1.5 degrees by 2030. With all the consequences that entails for people and nature. So there must be a tooth!

Our goal is to completely ‘unburden’ our partners towards a 100% reduction of CO2 with a fresh view and a pragmatic approach. With the ROADMAP2030, the Hedgehog Company will embark on a journey with you towards the goal of making your organization operate CO2-neutral by 2030!

Together we save CO2 emissions. On the way to 2030 and climate neutral from 2030!

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ton CO2 in 2020
ton CO2 in 2019
Annual savings tons of CO2 from 2030 by our ROADMAP2030 customers. ​

“When every company goes through this journey, we will have a zero-emission economy! Do you also take your responsibility?”

Mirko Dal Maso – LCA Expert at Technical University of Denmark

Three steps to CO2-neutral business operations

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