How timber construction can save the world

The current way of building with concrete is called ‘inefficient, non-circular and polluting’. Concrete is the past and wood is the future. Hedgehog Company is a fan of timber construction, so today a post about CLT, cross laminated timber.

Building with wood is not just a trend, it is a fundamental change in the way we deliver buildings. According to architects, even a ‘construction revolution’. But how can CLT save the world?

Trees absorb CO2 in the growth process. When trees are fully grown, they no longer absorb extra CO2. When these trees are felled, there is room to plant new trees that still absorb CO2 for growth. By using the harvested wood in the construction of houses, a long-term carbon store is created. Building with CLT is affordable, fast and sustainable, so many houses can be built and a lot of carbon can be stored! By using wood, building materials that consume a lot of energy and are difficult to recycle are not used. As the demand for timber construction increases, large-scale reforestation is taking place which could halt global warming!

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VPRO Tegenlicht recently made an interesting documentary about ‘Wood Builders’, highly recommended!