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Summarising environmental impact of a project or product in one monetary value.



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ECI Score

The ECI is calculated with the weighting factors as described in the Dutch Determination Method.


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Wondering what the environmental impact of your product or project is? An ECI (environmental cost indicator) calculation can provide your organisation with the right insights in the environmental impact of used materials and processes. It is calculated using a dutch method called the Determination Method. The ECI is an expression of different environmental effects in one monetary value (in Euros). This makes the ECI an objective benchmark for comparing products or projects.

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An ECI can be used for various purposes. First of all, an ECI can provide insight into the hotspots within a specific project. Based on these insights we can target low hanging fruit and decrease environmental impact. Same for products, the ECI visualises impact within the supply chain. This information can then be used to design alternatives with a lower environmental impact.

In addition, an ECI can be included as an award criterion in tenders in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the ECI is also used to calculate the Environmental Performance of Buildings (MPG in Dutch). The MPG is the sum of the EPIs of the various building components, expressed in Euro/m2/year.

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A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is often used to calculate the environmental impact at product or project level. An LCA measures the environmental impact in different impact categories. Because many different impact categories are used in an LCA, it is sometimes difficult to compare the environmental impact with other products. By applying shadow prices, these different impact categories can be expressed in one weighted average, the ECI. This value expresses the expected social costs of reversing the environmental impact. Would you like to know more about how an MKI is calculated? 

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