Dag van de Aarde

On Earth Day, April 22, countries worldwide pay attention to raising awareness of our consumer behaviour and how it affects our planet. This year’s theme is ‘Restore our Earth’. What are you doing for the earth today?

The first Earth Day occurred on April 22, 1970 in the United States. After a major oil spill in California in 1969, a senator was inspired to raise public awareness about air and water pollution. What started that year as guest lectures at the schools, was renamed ‘Earth day’ in 1970 to involve all Americans. And it did, as many as 20 million Americans demonstrated against the impact of 150 years of polluting industrial development. Not only did it unite into previously individual activist groups, it also led to political changes such as the passing of various environmental laws. In 1990, Earth Day became a global event for the first time with 141 participating countries and in 2016 the Paris Agreement was signed on this day. This year is also special, as the Biden administration is organizing a global climate summit for 40 world leaders.

As far as we are concerned, Earth Day is the perfect time to start making your organization more sustainable! Check out our expertises to see how we can help you!

More information about Earth Day can be found here.

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