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We help large organizations map their direct and indirect emissions. We assist in setting up a system in which the collection and reporting of this data is integrated into business operations. 

Many large organizations do not have the correct climate-related information for reporting under the new legislation. In particular, the environmental impact of the company within scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 is still unknown to many companies.

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We often start with a pilot project in the form of a baseline measurement. We do this by starting with an impact calculation of, for example, the five most sold products from the product portfolio. Or we make an environmental impact calculation of one production location. At the end of this pilot project, we will deliver results in the form of a hotspot analysis. In this way we get to know each other and we deliver a concrete product at the end of the process.

Hedgehog Company is characterized by an entrepreneurial vision, which makes us successful in our collaboration with large organizations. An entrepreneur is flexible and switches quickly. Representative(s) of large organizations we work with experience this as very pleasant. We provide solutions quickly and as soon as we receive feedback or new information from our customer, we take care of everything within a very short time. This allows us to make long-term processes for multinationals a little faster and more pleasant.

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Why our service?

At the legislative level – in line with the EU Green Deal – major changes will take place for large organizations. The most important is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This legislation obliges you to report on your impact on people and the environment.

In addition, it is important for large organizations to remain attractive to investors. Investors also have a growing need for the same sustainability information about the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulations (SFDR) legislation. The SFDR legislation is similar to the CSRD, but applies to participants in financial markets. It obliges them to report on the sustainability impact of their investments, where traditional ESG data fall short.

the benefits of reporting on sustainability

The CSRD will become mandatory from 2023 and will tighten the current NFRD (Non Financial Reporting Directive). The CSRD focuses on more extensive and in-depth sustainability reporting. Reporting climate-related information has advantages for a company, the EU has listed a few of them itself:

  • Greater awareness and understanding of climate risks and opportunities within the company, better risk management and more robust decision-making and strategic planning;
  • A more diverse investor base and potentially lower cost of capital, for example through inclusion in actively managed investment portfolios and indices with a focus on sustainability, or better credit ratings for bond issues and bank loans;
  • A constructive dialogue with stakeholders, especially investors and shareholders;
  • A better reputation of the company and the maintenance of social support (social license to operate; SLO).
Saro Campisano
Sustainability expert
how can we help?

Large organizations can make a huge impact. They have to deal with increasingly strict environmental legislation worldwide, aimed at sustainable product design to extended producer responsibility (the ‘extended producer responsibility’). Product stewardship and the circular economy play a growing role in this. Hedgehog Company has the knowledge and tools to support your organization in this.

For corporations, a better picture of the impact of the organization on the environment is therefore a growing requirement. From a Life Cycle Analysis to a complete CSR report. We work purposefully. We would be happy to talk to you to find out what your ambitions are and whether and how the Hedgehog Company fits in with that. This is how we ensure that you achieve the right goal.

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