A Carbon Calculator for Business

Together with Moving Digital we build a carbon calulator for real estate agents.

A Tailor-made Carbon Calculator

Moving Digital is a marketing agency focused on the real estate industry. Moving Digital supplies powerful marketing solutions. These help real estate agents to prove their added value to buyers and sellers in the industry. As Moving Digital is at the forefront of this industry, the company wanted to place more emphasis on sustainability. Together with Moving Digital, Hedgehog Company developed a new tool called ‘climate neutral brokering’. This tool allows real estate agents to estimate their CO2 emissions. Subsequently it determines how much the broker must compensate to offset these CO2 emissions. This CO2 is offset with one of our compensation partners Treesforall. Treesforall is an organisation reforesting our planet with projects anywhere around the world.

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From carbon calculator to carbon offsetting

So, how does this calculator work?

The goal was to create a carbon calculator as user-friendly and time-friendly as possible. On the left is a screenshot of the calculator. The calculation starts with determining the number of transactions that have been realised passed year. This involves yearly amount of viewings and with which means of transport these viewings are visited. Subsequently, the number of employees and the size of the office are to be filled in. Finally, the reporter is asked whether the energy supplier is green or not, whether the office is paperless and whether professional printing material is printed by carbon neutral suppliers.

All this data combined gives a relatively accurate view of the amount of CO2 emissions.

This amount is reflected in both tons of CO2 emissions and the amount of trees to be planted. Finally, the price of this fee is reflected. 

Moving Digital and Hedgehog Company hope this calculator initiate the real estate industry to become a little bit more open to sustainability. The ultimate goal is to create awareness so that the real estate agents are inspired to become CO2-neutral. 

Check the calculator here.